Scotland's Digital Participation Charter

We're inviting organisations across Scotland to join a national movement to promote digital participation and basic digital skills.

Our shared ambition is for Scotland to be a world-leading digital nation by 2020. Central to achieving this, and maximising the benefits from Scotland’s investment in digital infrastructure, is ensuring that everyone has the access, motivation and basic digital skills required to participate fully in our digital world.

Efforts to scale up and accelerate activity in Scotland are coordinated through a Digital Participation Programme led by the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, generously supported by Scottish Government, with a Leadership Group drawn from the public, private and third sectors.

This charter establishes a framework for organisations in Scotland to support the Digital Participation Programme and to pursue our shared ambition. Signatories to the Charter commit to working together in a spirit of partnership to promote digital participation in Scotland.


The charter aims to increase levels of digital participation in Scotland by bringing together organisations from all sectors that want to develop both individuals’ and / or their own Basic Digital Skills. Signatories should strive to pool resources, use a common language, share knowledge and provide opportunities in a way that is appropriate to them.


  • We ask Charter signatories to commit to:

  • 1. Ensuring that all of our staff and volunteers have an opportunity to learn basic digital skills, and that they take advantage of this opportunity.
  • 2. Encouraging and supporting our staff and volunteers to help other people learn basic digital skills, and help other organisations to embrace digital tools.
  • 3. Contributing resources and practical support for digital participation initiatives in Scotland in whatever ways we can.
  • 4. Channelling our efforts through the Digital Participation Programme, so that our activities can be coordinated for maximum impact and measured consistently.
  • 5. Using common language based on digital participation and basic digital skills, to make our thinking and actions as clear as possible.

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